1. Today is Thursday 17th April, 2014. For most of Christendom, it is Holy Thursday, the first day of the Easter Triduum, the day on which Christ celebrated the last supper with his disciples.

    This is your Round Up. /

    **Stumbling block in Calder Hart case: Key file lost
    http://ift.tt/1l4ZuxZ /

    Forget PNM internal elections. Forget diddlers in the Government. This is today’s big story.

    From the article: “The Urban Development Corporation of T&T’s (Udecott) inability to locate documents critical to its multi-million dollar lawsuit against its former executive chairman Calder Hart and three of its former executives, may potentially weaken its chances of successfully proving its alleged negligence in the management of a controversial mega-project. “

    Nailing Calder Hart to the wall has been a pillar of the PP administration. The Attorney General’s recent bluster is indicative of how important this particular matter is to them, and his desperation in daring Calder Hart to bring into the country witnesses that the PP can’t seem to locate. In four years, there has been little success in nailing anyone for anything of which there were accused on the political platform in 2010 and throughout the PP’s tenure.

    If it’s one thing the PP seems to have been able to produce in volume, other than allegations of their own corruption, it’s salt.

    **PNM REJECTS 7,000 - Party official: External forces seeking to manipulate membership applicants for internal elections
    http://ift.tt/1gDeY4S /

    The explanations provided for two of the rejection cases sound reasonable to me. One woman alone - a non-member - will bring a list of applicants with fifteen hundred people on it? And no ID information? And the PNM must let those applicants in? I can almost hear the UNC chat forums buzzing up over this one already.

    **Tanker mishap causes massive traffic jam
    http://ift.tt/1l7bpvj /

    …and the traffic lasted well into the night even though there was no longer a blockage.

    Suppose and God forbid, as in 2008, we have another bridge collapse along a major thoroughfare? Say the entire span of crossing the Caroni River along the UBH caves one day as a result of an incident, what happens to traffic in Trinidad and Tobago? Say it happens on a Wednesday in the third term the week before SEA, what happens to the schoolchildren who have to come up from Central Trinidad to go to school in the North? Do we have any secondary path sufficient to handle the traffic that must come into and out of Port of Spain from beyond Caroni?

    The government’s solution to the problem though?

    **Car dealers get injunction against minister
    http://ift.tt/1gDeY4T /
    **Used Car Dealers reject Minister’s plan

    The solution to traffic is more cars from TWO HUNDRED more car dealers.

    Brilliant, yes?

    **PCA responds to AG: We have no political agenda
    http://ift.tt/1gDeZpp /
    **Lucky on leaking of flying squad report: Authority not political entity
    http://ift.tt/1pbHWBY /

    The Police Complaints Authority responds to the Attorney General’s attack on them, stating that they have no political agenda and would not have released the report on the reactivation of the Flying Squad to Senator Al-Rawi, going further to state that they are not beholden to him or the government…

    **Ramlogan condemns ‘attack’ by PCA director
    http://ift.tt/1l7bpvk /

    …and I guess if he can’t reach the throat, he will now go for a limb. But more and more, the AG is starting to look like Jules Bernard said he felt many moons ago.

    **Robinson-Regis knocks AG on Al-Rawi comments: Different treatment for Deonarine
    http://ift.tt/1gDeZpr /

    As for the more than double standard with respect to what is revealed and not revealed in public… and how it’s done… The AG himself still has many questions to answer on how he came to be in possession of information on a Police matter involving the ILP’s Anna Deonarine.

    **Kamla: Move to CCJ inevitable…The people will decide
    http://ift.tt/1l7bpLC /

    And Kamsie continues to stall on a Court to which a UNC government assented and lobbied to have located here in Trinidad and Tobago, and into which the Trinidad and Tobago government has placed significant monies in trust for its operations.

    Meanwhile, the British Law Lords continue to tell us snidely that we have our own court and need to go away and handle our own business.

    The one decision on which Kamla knows she will get near unanimous support in the Parliament and she waffles. Again.

    **…launches National Conversation on big issues
    http://ift.tt/1gDeZpv /

    From the article: Prime Minister Kamla Persad-Bissessar yesterday launched the National Conversation, a country-wide series that will offer citizens a variety of fora to bring concerns and ideas to the State… Persad-Bissessar said the focus is simple: “You speak, Government listens.”

    How’s this for starters, Kamsie? Call general elections now.

    **Couple robbed by man killed later by cops
    http://ift.tt/1l7brU3 /

    Now, I could be wrong, but I thought you couldn’t publish the name of an accused in a criminal matter unless and until he had been formally charged before a judge or magistrate.

    Is releasing information that Naim Dean was a *SUSPECT* in a vehicle robbery supposed to provide some kind of justification for his being shot in the back and killed by Police? Did the Rapid Response officer who shot him know that Dean was a *SUSPECT* in the robbery?

    We are more than down a slippery slope her if that is what is being said. We done damn well gone over the edge of the cliff.

    **Griffith: Experienced cops going to RRU
    http://ift.tt/1eTUtQV /

    From the article: National Security Minister Gary Griffith has agreed to assign experienced officers to the Rapid Response Unit to patrol alongside the Special Reserve Police officers assigned to the unit.

    What is really being said here? That Naim Dean was killed at a time where the best Policing unit in the last decade was been staffed by inexperienced Police officers? The unit that provides, according to the Minister, the “ultimate deterrant” in dealing with crime? And I reading correctly? When I see here that the Rapid Response Unit is one “comprising SRPs” and that “regular Police” should now manage them, that six week-trained SRPs make up a major component of the unit, may have previously comprised the entire unit, but this is the spearhead of the anti-crime thrust?

    **UK expert to join committee probing baby Simeon’s death
    http://ift.tt/1gDeZpx /

    Still no resolution for Baby Simeon’s parents.

    **Housing scheme residents: No water in a month
    http://ift.tt/1l7bsai /

    Ganga Singh, you quite literally have one job.

    **NAPA earned $3m in rent from 2010-2013
    http://ift.tt/1gDeYlc /

    [Singing] Wine back! Throw yuh waist! Wine back! Throw yuh waist! Wine back! Throw yuh waist! Ah want to wine on something!

    **AG responds to MATT: Right to freedom of the press not absolute
    http://ift.tt/1gDeZFL /

    …but the members of the Cabinet can go on national TV in a rum show session and sit and put journalists’ private business in the public domain. They can climb onto political platforms and reveal the contents of police files involving private citizens. They can stand under parliamentary privilege and slander opposition colleagues and members of the public.

    That said, my peeps in the press, allyuh going to want to keep an eye on the AG in the run up to #BeatOut2015 eh. He know plenty civil law.

    **Senator: Nursing Bill will lower standards…Too many tries allowed to pass licensing exam
    http://ift.tt/1gDeYle /

    True story. A nurse once changed a bag of drips for me without checking first to see whether there was still fluid in the line. If I wasn’t awake at the time, allyuh might not be reading me here today.

    Seriously, I’d rather have too few nurses than many more of lower quality.

    **Deosaran disappointed T&T no closer to finding CoP: Selection process ‘outdated, expensive’
    http://ift.tt/1l7bsao /

    "ONE of Prof Ramesh Deosaran’s main goals when he assumed the role of chairman of the Police Service Commission (PSC) was finding a way to untangle the convoluted process used to select a Police Commissioner…"

    Sooooo… yuh failed then?

    **Minister: I met with alleged assault victim
    http://ift.tt/1gDeYlg /

    And finally, by their fruits, you will know them. And I have to thank Roger Samuel here for the bountiful harvest that he has now provided. He is a People’s Partnership Government Minister and Member of the Cabinet first. All else is secondary. I will cease to make any appeal to him in any other capacity. I am honestly extremely disappointed.

    Have a great day and a great weekend everyone.

  2. Today is Wednesday 16th April, 2014 and this is your News Round Up. /

    **CONCACAF BLOCKS JACK: Football body freezes Centre of Excellence asset
    http://ift.tt/1gAuNck /
    http://ift.tt/1l1iyx6 /

    Just when the man in the ascent, he gets caught again. The report on the Flying Squad just released appears to exonerate Jackie Boy of any involvement, and now CONCACAF wants to take away the Centre of Excellence from him. Many sadness. I cri evrytiem.

    **Male victim files report with police: Govt official made sexual advances
    http://ift.tt/1l1iA8g /

    In a couple days, this headline could well read “Government Official shoved out of the closet.”

    Awkward and embarrassing? Yes, most definitely. And the Minister may not be the only one playing Grab-Whatever. Patricia Singh asserts that Glenn did some grabbing of his own too.

    Assault? Possibly, but that’s for the Police to determine.

    Sexual favours being requested for state funds and projects? By the report, it doesn’t seem so. Looks to me that the Minister badly mis-read another man’s friendship.

    **Leak not from DPP’s office
    http://ift.tt/1gAuP40 /

    The AG levels allegations that a major political conspiracy exists in the leaking of the Flying Squad report designed to bring down the government.

    I think he’s gone too long without his tinfoil hat.

    **…MATT knocks AG’s attacks on the media
    http://ift.tt/1gAuNcl /

    I light of last night’s revelations, I think I’ll leave any inferences about “licking” alone today. Too easy.

    **Vasant apologises for ‘insensitive’ Robinson-Regis comments
    http://ift.tt/1l1iA8j /

    To Minister Bharath:

    (1) An apology sent privately for a very public embarrassment is not an apology.

    (2) An apology for an action stating at the same time that the action was justified is not an apology.

    You have not apologised. The action was still crass and classless. And for that, I make no apology.

    **Singh: WASA spent $1b on projects
    http://ift.tt/1l1iyxe /

    It’s too early in the morning for all these figures. I’ll wait for MP Colm Imbert or somebody to break all this down and tell us whether it makes sense or not.

    **Rev Abdul-Mohan to bring something fresh to the Senate
    http://ift.tt/1l1iA8k /

    I know nothing of the lady’s record, so I would hope so.

    **The Petrotrin oil spill: Company chiefs favoured sabotage theory
    http://ift.tt/1l1iA8m /

    Camini Marajh’s expose on the Petrotrin Oil Spill and La Brea disaster continues with Part 6 of the series today. At some point when this is over, the Express needs to do a pull-out.

    **Doctors row over union elections…claim current executive sabotaging
    http://ift.tt/1l1iAoA /

    To me, this is not the first time that MPATT has had election drama, but the memory is vague. That said, it is the last line of the article that has me in stitches:

    "Tomorrow’s elections will be presided over by the Public Services Association (PSA)."

    **Lucky must step aside, says Police Association
    http://ift.tt/1gAuP43 /

    This is interesting though. The AG in the tinfoil hat rant claims that the report wasn’t leaked by the office of the DPP. The PCA claims that the report wasn’t leaked by their office and indicates that the final report and what was stated by Senator Al-Rawi in the Parliament was inaccurate. The Senator also had a copy of a report allegedly generated by the Police Service as well.

    But the Police Social and Welfare Association asks for the head of the Police Complaints Authority to step down and the the Authority itself be shut down.


    Their response is to ask that the people who compiled a report on the matter be removed? Are Ramesar and Seales also saying that they are quite fine that a secret Police Force, a mongoose gang, was set up by a functionary of the state’s security apparatus?

    **Griffith on not suspending RRU: Best unit in a decade
    http://ift.tt/1maOmg1 /

    SRP shoots man in back. Conflicting reports between Police, witnesses and the coroner’s evidence. Police Social and Welfare Association calling for a shut down of a unit featuring Police Officers with six weeks’ official training…

    From the article and the Wowsie-listed merits of the Rapid Response Unit: “The unit has proven to be very effective in providing an ultimate deterrent to criminal elements.”

    Ultimate Deterrent: A term often used to refer to the death penalty.

    Best Police Unit in a decade, Wowsie? Get ready to wine! Get ready to wine! Faluma ding-ding-ding!

    Have a great day, everyone. And be safe out there.

  3. Today is Tuesday 15th April, 2014. It is the anniversary of the Hillsborough Disaster where 766 were injured and 96 died while supporting Liverpool Football Club at an England FA Cup match. We set aside animosity in the football world to remember those who passed. /

    **A MOTHER’S PAIN: She could not believe death texts sent by dad about killing his two infants were serious
    http://ift.tt/Q9juBQ /
    **Deaths due to asphyxia
    http://ift.tt/1m6XOBj /

    He strangled the children and then killed himself. The mother can’t believe what happened.

    **Autopsy: Dean shot in back at close range
    http://ift.tt/Q9juS5 /
    **Ramesar blames police killing on poor training: Shut down RRU
    http://ift.tt/1ikB3ZS /

    The more I hear about this story on the TV and radio news is the more it troubles me. Now comes word that the shooter is a Special Reserve Police officer and that the Second Division Police Association is not in favour of the continued operation of the Rapid Response Unit of which he was part, a unit launched by Kamsie in January of this year, because of the fact that it is staffed by SRPs who they claim are not properly trained.

    In the second link - the Guardian article - there is a very troubling comparison of regular Police versus SRPs. It makes you wonder whether the make-work model has extended itself into the ranks of the Police Service.

    **Personal vendetta against the Govt
    http://ift.tt/1m6XQsX /

    The Attorney General: “There are PNM agents everywhere, they are working and conspiring to bring this Government down and that is why there are leaks everywhere because they are conspiring to try and make this Government look bad… there were PNM agents in every ministry and every institution.”

    Paranoia is defined as a mental condition characterized by delusions of persecution, unwarranted jealousy, or exaggerated self-importance, typically elaborated into an organized system. It may be an aspect of chronic personality disorder, of drug abuse, or of a serious condition such as schizophrenia in which the person loses touch with reality.

    Persecution complex is an irrational and obsessive feeling or fear that one is the object of collective hostility or ill-treatment on the part of others.

    Persecutory delusions are a delusional condition in which the affected person believes they are being persecuted. Specifically, they have been defined as containing two central elements:[1]

    (1) The individual thinks that harm is occurring, or is going to occur.

    (2) The individual thinks that the perceived persecutor has the intention to cause harm.

    According to the DSM-IV-TR, persecutory delusions are the most common form of delusions in schizophrenia, where the person believes “he or she is being tormented, followed, tricked, spied on, or ridiculed.”[2] In the DSM-IV-TR, persecutory delusions are the main feature of the persecutory type of delusional disorder. [http://ift.tt/1lMW4wj]

    **AG dealing with civil aspect of Calder Hart case
    http://ift.tt/1ikB2oU /

    Meanwhile, the AG seems to be battling with Saucy Wowsie for the Cabinet Wine-Back Crown. With all the grandcharge, Calder Hart ent have a single criminal charge to face after four years of Commission of Enquiry, forensic investigation and general bluster? The state is suing him for mismanagement?

    **CNMG suspends ‘Face-Off’ programme
    http://ift.tt/1m6XQJd /
    **‘Face-Off’ talk show suspended
    http://ift.tt/Q9juS8 /
    **CNMG axes talk show
    http://ift.tt/1qCFzWe /

    And in the face of the above, from the article: Caribbean New Media Group (CNMG) has suspended its current affairs programme, Face-Off amid reports the show was not sufficiently reflecting the work of the Government.

    Contacted for comment, (host Wesley) Gibbings said: “During my time on the programme, I had linked the show with journalists in countries such as Malaysia, Ukraine, Guyana, Grenada and Venezuela for exclusive reports on the situation there. Sad to say. I was not surprised. I’m in the business of news and information unfettered by political and other considerations. I say no more.”

    (Host David) Fraser told the Express he was informed of the show’s cancellation at 8:30 a.m. yesterday. “No reason was given,” he said. “We produce a very independent programme. We carry all sides. We are all journalists. We showed up today for 4 p.m. because we did not have any official correspondence and we were escorted out of the building by security…”

    Being in the business of supporting the government, it’s understandable then that CEO Kenneth Ali would claim that CNMG took a business decision to suspend the show.

    **…Ramesar: Shut down the PCA
    http://ift.tt/1m6XQJk /

    Meanwhile, the head of the Police Second Division Association calls for the Police Complaints Authority to be shut down in the face of sensitive information being leaked to both press and Opposition.

    **Deosaran’s last day as PSC chairman: Evidence not secure at police stations
    http://ift.tt/Q9jxh1 /
    **…Too many officers absent from court
    http://ift.tt/Q9jxxf /

    Are these “duh” moments?

    **Coolman: I paid $75,000 bribe
    http://ift.tt/1m6XORQ /

    Yes he did. Years ago. To a woman from Diego Martin (AH SHAME!!!) who claimed to be working at the office of the DPP. She was charged for fraud in the matter.

    Regardless, Coolman isn’t looking good here. But the defence attorneys’ job is to cast doubt on their clients’ guilt.

    **Judge clears way for judicial review in Panday integrity case
    http://ift.tt/1m6XP88 /
    **Court rules against DPP in Panday case
    http://ift.tt/Q9juSg /

    If this finds itself resolved in time for the run up to #BeatOut2015, things could get very, very interesting.

    **ANR to lie in state at Waterfront Centre
    http://ift.tt/1m6XP8f /

    "It would have cost over $5 million to prepare the Rotunda at the Red House so that the body of former president and prime minister Arthur NR Robinson could lie in state there for two days."

    Robbie’s funeral proceedings are beginning to border on the ridiculous. In fact, with this expenditure, it may actually have crossed that boundary.

    As a woman lamented on in the public comments on the news last night, this is craziness now. Enough already. Respect the man and bury him. We don’t need him soaking in formaldehyde in order to keep tributes coming in.

    **New Independent Senator appointed
    http://ift.tt/1m6XQJs /

    Presbyterian minister Rev Joy Evelyn Abdul-Mohan replaces Subhas Ramkhelawan on the Independent Senate Bench, adding another member of the clergy to the country’s Legislature. I await her maiden contribution.

    **Howai to replace FC chairman?
    http://ift.tt/Q9juSj /

    Nyree out? Just Nyree? Whither the group that defined the terms of the IPO?

    **Report in two weeks on St Michael’s Home death
    http://ift.tt/1m6XQZK /

    De Couteau says he want a report. Diana says that an investigation isn’t necessary.

    [Street Fighter Narrator Voice] Who will win?!

    **Rowley: I’m ready to be next PM
    http://ift.tt/1m6XP8l /

    And with his actions, speeches, travels and reported consultations, he’s certainly acting the part. Thank goodness he hasn’t followed Kamsie into costumery and event planning.

    **Devant speaks at UN Assembly
    http://ift.tt/Q9juSl /

    Interesting. Copy of the speech, Express? Links to any material on what he covered in the speech, Express?

    **Dumas presses ahead with PSC lawsuit
    http://ift.tt/1gYh66i /

    This one went under the radar when Karl Hudson-Phillips QC passed away. But former Head of the Public Service Reggie Dumas continues to challenge the legality of the appointment of two other members of the Police Service Commission. This is definitely one to follow.

    Have a great one, everybody. And be safe out there.

  4. Today is Monday 14th April, 2014. /

    **BLOODY PALM SUNDAY: Murder and suicide in Matura and Valencia
    http://ift.tt/1gv8ZlZ /

    One man left Barataria and went all the way to Mathura to kill his two children.

    **Couple gunned down at fruit stall in Valencia
    http://ift.tt/1iN4Sjq /

    And two gunned down in their fruit stall, allegedly by three men who made their getaway by car.

    **Al-Rawi responds to call from PCA: ‘Flying squad’ report left in my mailbox
    http://ift.tt/1gv8XKU /
    **PCA denies ‘leaking’ Flying Squad report
    http://ift.tt/1iN4UrF /

    I’ve always been in two minds about documents being left anonymously in Members’ of Parliament and Senators’ mailboxes. To me, when combined with Parliamentary privilege, it’s cover for putting just about anything a Parliamentarian feels like into the public domain. It’s something that both Franklyn Khan and Eric Williams (the younger) would know about all too well.

    These though are official documents, results of an investigation into serious matters, which may never have seen the light of day.

    The press covered several items in the report yesterday at http://ift.tt/1gv8XKW which raise a couple key questions for me.

    Firstly, is Garvin Heerah who the report seems to indicate is at the centre of the debacle still a member of the Coast Guard even as he serves as a ranking man in the country’s security apparatus.

    Secondly, if he is, would he be subject to civilian justice or to military justice if found guilty of any wrongdoing? Consequently, is his fall going to be softened if he faces a military tribunal as opposed to civilian court?

    **‘First Citizens board must go too’
    http://ift.tt/1iN4UrH /

    Nyree Affonso certainly needs to consider stepping down for her injudicious statements made on the matter of Rahaman’s share purchase, this in light of all that has surfaced subsequently.

    But focus needs to be placed now too on the persons who would have been responsible for crafting the initial public offering as well. And I continue to assert that ill light also needs to be thrown on the union for discouraging members of staff from acquiring equity in the organisation which employs them.

    **Artefacts, but no Sando museum: From CLR James casket handles to infamous cannon…
    http://ift.tt/1gv8XKZ /

    I understand the San Fernando Corporation’s need for taking the building to use as an Office of Disaster Preparedness and Management location. But where is the National Trust as far as taking possession of the mentioned historical artefacts?

    **Penny ready for debate against Rowley
    http://ift.tt/1iN4UrJ /

    Ready and perhaps willing, but all indications and public utterances to date seem to suggest that they really ent able.

    **Mahabir-Wyatt: No need to probe St Michael’s over Brandon’s death
    http://ift.tt/1gv8ZCl /

    The more I read of this article is the more my ire was stoked. Essentially, what Diana Mahabir-Wyatt seems to be saying is that:

    (1) the mother shouldn’t be saying anything now because she hadn’t in 2012 when the child was found in a dog kennel

    (2) that the Children’s Authority has been training and monitoring St. Michael’s staff for the last couple months

    (3) that because the Children’s Authority has been present, there’s nothing really that could have gone wrong at the institution.

    (4) that she, Mahabir-Wyatt, knows best how to deal with the situation because of her years of experience

    (5) that the Children’s Authority will deal with the school without causing additional trauma to the children and staff.

    What a steaming load.

    **IC wants ‘total overhaul’ of system
    http://ift.tt/1iN4UrL /
    **Gordon: IC will continue battle against corruption
    http://ift.tt/1gv8Y1g /

    Intergrity Commission Chairman Ken Gordon calls for more teeth, possibly a brand new set of dentures.

    **NP board defends contract: ‘No role in award to Sacha Singh
    http://ift.tt/1iN4UrN /

    NP Board speaks on award of contracts, including one to Sacha SIngh, and points to the former CEO Kenneth Mohammed. This lead to the question, where is Mr. Mohammed now? And is there a case to answer here, on top of anything else for which he may still have to answer?

    **Hart: I will return when requested
    http://ift.tt/1gv8Y1h /

    PP Mantra: When under sh@t-storm, pull out the Calder Hart umbrella.

    I find it amazing that the State, mainly the Attorney General, never seems to know where Calder Hart is but the press can locate and have discussions with him at the drop of a hat.

    The historical record will show that Hart has never failed to answer calls to be present when it became necessary, or to have legal representatives present on his behalf when his physical presence was not.

    Personally, I want these civil matters against Hart, and also matters like those filed by UTT against their former directors (see http://ift.tt/1gnqFwp), to proceed with the same despatch, just as much as the government of the day would seem to want them. I detect that they will set a precedent which ensure two things:

    (1) persons serving in public life will know that for any mismanagement of funds under their purview, the state can pursue them in their personal capacity to recover those funds. This will thus seek to ensure that persons are far more careful in handling the portfolios granted them.

    (2) the incoming Attorney General will have a lot of civil litigation lined up for them already when they take office in 2015.

    Sadly, when (2) happens, it will look like the worst persecution because if the last four years’ newspapers only touch the tip of the iceberg where the mismanagement and wanton theft of state funds is concerned.

    **NP unveils newly branded tanks
    http://ift.tt/1gv8ZCn /

    And that said, somebody get a contract for painting gas tanks?

    Have a great day, everyone. And have a blessed Easter week.

  5. Today if Friday 11th April, 2014. /

    **SHARE SHAKE-UP: First Citizens IPO controversy
    http://ift.tt/1oSiz8g /

    Subhas Ramkhelawan has resigned from the Senate and from the Chairmanship of the Trinidad and Tobago Stock Exchange.

    Who’s up next in the Senate then? Over to you, President Powers.

    **Rowley, Drayton praise ex-senator: Subhas Ramkhelawan resigns
    http://ift.tt/OOJ4L7 /

    And of course, there is requisite praise from various quarters.

    **AG: Rahaman faces possible charges…refers report to DPP, top cop
    http://ift.tt/1ghpXEh /

    Having admitted a while back that he is not a criminal lawyer, the Attorney General needs to stop giving opinions in criminal matters. Besides, this puts pressure now on our wimpy Acting Commissioner of Police (who can’t even tell a man, “no, no selfies in a Police Station”) and the Director of Public Prosecutions to find something with which to charge Rahaman.

    **Fuad: There’s going to be a dengue problem
    http://ift.tt/OOJ51m /

    From the article: Health Minister Dr Fuad Khan has said “there is going to have a problem with dengue” because president of the Public Services Association (PSA), Watson Duke, shut down the Insect Vector building at Cunupia on Wednesday.

    No, Fuad. There is going to be a dengue problem because of the health and safety issues that exist at Insect Vector Control building which will have caused Duke to shut them down.

    I am the last person in Trinidad and Tobago to side with Watson Duke, but Fuad needs to stop this dotishness and stop it now. Stop pointing fingers and get the relevant Cabinet colleague cracking on fixing the issues that exist.

    **Cops search former office of Ramadharsingh
    http://ift.tt/1ghpXEo /

    They went with a black light?

    **Debate on Motor Vehicles Act continues today
    http://ift.tt/OOJ51r /

    Parliament Channel on Freeview and cable, and 105.5FM, people. There’s also live streaming at http://ift.tt/1ghpWAh /

    **5 days of funeral services for Robbie
    http://ift.tt/OOJ51u /

    Robbie has afforded Kamla a two- to three-week reprieve, perhaps as long as a month. And Wowsie is now an event planner. Funeral is the collapsing NAPA.

    **Exclusive: Detectives hunt cop
    http://ift.tt/1ghpWQA /

    A quarter million dollars and several selfies later, and she is in the wind. A 40-year old WPC has reportedly defrauded the Police Service and skipped the country before detection. And once again, staff of “medical institutions” are caught up in the scheme.

    **Police officers testify against colleague in Sea Lots enquiry
    http://ift.tt/1ghpWQC /

    I honestly thought this matter was over and quietly put to bed with nil result..

    **3 officers charged with agreeing to accept bribe
    http://ift.tt/OOJ5hV /

    Understory here? We have foreign nationals committing crime and evading detection by means fair and foul. And I wonder how many of them live East of Port of Spain and look like John Sandy.

    **Principal to reappear in court to answer assault charges
    http://ift.tt/1ghpWQI /

    I’m all for the reasonable application of corporal punishment. Just not this. If she did it, I don’t care how long she’s been an educator, the Chief Magistrate needs to throw the book at her.

    **Man charged with rape of relative
    http://ift.tt/OOJ7q6 /

    Again, how these fellas make bail? And secondly, who is going to be responsible for enforcing the distance that he is to maintain from the child?

    **Judge to rule today
    http://ift.tt/1ghpWQK /

    This is an example of why court matters take as long as they do, when the judge has to take time to determine whether the prosecution or defence should even be allowed to ask specific questions during the course of the matter.

    **300 rounds of ammunition found in stove: woman held
    http://ift.tt/OOJ5ia /

    People crazy, yes. Suppose somebody had lit the stove? It would really have been a hot spot.

    **Bigger, faster, cheaper Tobago ferry
    http://ift.tt/1ghpXUJ /
    **$48M Super-Fast ferry for seabridge
    http://ift.tt/OOJ5yo /

    New boat for Tobago!

    See http://ift.tt/1ghpWQQ, http://ift.tt/OOJ7qg, http://ift.tt/1ghpX76, http://ift.tt/OOJ7Gx, http://ift.tt/1ghpXUQ, and http://ift.tt/OOJ5yy for those interested in the finer details.

    **Work-to-rule continues at BIR offices
    http://ift.tt/1ghpX7c /

    As this shut down continues, the significant implications for the country’s Consolidated Fund have not been articulated by any outlet.

    As long as BIR remains closed, the country’s revenue collection agencies like Licensing Office and Customs cannot deposit their takings. I understand that the oil and other companies which had remittances due this quarter gone would not have been able to make their payments to the State. Consequently, the government may be facing a cash flow problem in short order.

    **JCC: Draft procurement legislation ‘waste of time’…calls for removal of clause seven
    http://ift.tt/OOJ7GL /

    Like the Dangerous Dogs Bill, look out for ads championing bad law in short order. And according to a good pardnah of mine, procurement legislation makes absolutely no sense. All it does is indicate very to intended miscreants *exactly* what they can do to skirt the law.

    **Women to get ‘one-stop shop’ to deal with issues
    http://ift.tt/1ghpXUR /

    Not long ago, there was great hue and cry over the stated intent of the previous administration to deal with the issues specific to a set segment of an underprivileged and under-served group in the society. All this government has now done is erase the tick from the “M” box and put it in the “F” box.

    So thus, the government’s policy will appear to be - in precis - incarceration for the men and handouts for the women.

    Well done.

    **No more apology for Camille says Vasant
    http://ift.tt/1gg0z1L /

    The misogynistic attitudes of a government with a female Prime Minister. I say again, Bharath is a nastiness.

    **‘GPS’ helps police arrest car thief
    http://ift.tt/OOJ7GO /

    I don’t know why this is news. Since the days that Car Search was the only game in town, this has been going on.

    **London disappointed PM cancelled meeting on Constitution
    http://ift.tt/1ghpXUV /

    A gentlemanly slap on the wrist here?

    **‘Update codes of ethics for law, accounting’: Judge: More non-professionals should sit in disciplinary hearings
    http://ift.tt/OOJ7X2 /

    Yes. That is all.

    **OWTU: Minister must apologise
    http://ift.tt/1ghpYbd /

    From the article: THE Oilfields Workers’ Trade Union has called for an apology from Energy Minister Kevin Ram­narine, following statements they said he made about the union in the Senate, International Waterfront Centre, Port of Spain, on Tuesday. “Under the cloak and protection of parliamentary privilege, the minister accused the president general of the Oilfields Workers’ Trade Union of attempting to bring down this Government and of being ‘in bed’ with the People’s National Movement (PNM).”

    If the photo that accompanies this article is any indication of how Shrek will swell up and stiffen, Roget might be waiting on this apology for a long time.

    **Court rules May 27 on killer’s appeal
    http://ift.tt/OOJ7X4 /

    Volney continues to cast a shadow on the Bench.

    **Girvan’s body to be cremated in Cuba
    http://ift.tt/1ghpX7p /
    **Girvan, a true Caribbean man
    http://ift.tt/OOJ5OW /

    Even as we drag out Robbie’s veneration, let’s also take a moment to remember a man whose contributions to the region are no less significant.

    Have a great day, everyone.